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The Law Blogger is a law-related blog that informs and discusses current matters of legal interest to readers of The Oakland Press and to consumers of legal services in the community. We hope readers will  find it entertaining but also informative. The Law Blogger does not, however, impart legal advice, as only attorneys are licensed to provide legal counsel.
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Monday, October 12, 2015

500th Blog Post

In the nearly 7-years since we've been blogging here at the Law Blogger, we have garnered almost 400,000 page views. We reached the 400 post mark back in June 2014, so it has taken us over a year to produce the last 100 posts.

Since March 2009, this blog has attempted to bring relevant content to readers interested in the law and all things legal. As early adopters of law blogging, we have had the fantastic opportunity to blog on the platform of the Oakland Press; a newspaper that has successfully developed and implemented an impressive roster of blogs.

Law blogs have come and gone on the Oakland Press' blog roster; we were there at the outset and have outlasted them all. Our pledge in the next year is to produce the next hundred posts in less than a year; while still making them readable, interesting and relevant.

Thanks to all of our readers that have taken the time to read and weigh-in on our legal posts. We also very much appreciate the confidence the Oakland Press shows for our blog by continuing to carry us in their blog roster.

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