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The Law Blogger is a law-related blog that informs and discusses current matters of legal interest to readers of The Oakland Press and to consumers of legal services in the community. We hope readers will  find it entertaining but also informative. The Law Blogger does not, however, impart legal advice, as only attorneys are licensed to provide legal counsel.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

400th Post

We started this blog with the Oakland Press in March 2009.  Five years and 400 posts later, we realize how lucky we are to have support from our host, the Oakland Press, demonstrating that the First Amendment is alive and well.

Some of the topics we've been luck to follow over the past half-decade has been the rapid progression of the same-sex marriage civil rights litigation.  Another hot topic has been the gradual decriminalization, and even legalization, of marijuana; in some states and for some purposes.

Judges and attorneys are always fair game, as are our legislators and law enforcement.  These groups of professionals intersect at our legal system.

The goal of this blog is to shed some light, however small, on a portion of what goes on in this system.   We shift through local, county, state and national legal news feeds for the material we hope you find relevant, informative; occasionally even entertaining.

This blog is approaching 300k page views.  In our digital era, we get between 15 seconds to one minute of your time; we want to make it count.

Let us know how we're doing; leave a comment.

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