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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Governor Appoints AG's Bureau Chief Tom Cameron to Wayne Circuit Court

Newly Installed Judge Tom Cameron
Congratulations to our good friend, Tom Cameron, on his recent gubernatorial appointment to the Wayne County Circuit Court.  For more than a decade, Tom served the Office of the Attorney General as the Bureau Chief of the Criminal Division, first under Mike Cox, and then for Bill Schuette.

Over these years, Tom has managed some of the best criminal prosecutors in the state; he has handled the toughest, most significant criminal prosecutions in Michigan.  His last boss, AG Bill Schuette, said that Tom, "is thoughtful and committed to the rule of law.  Most importantly, his temperament is perfectly suited to service on the bench."

This is a good thing because not every career lawyer is suited for the bench.  Like the AG, we too think Tom will do well in his new position and the people of Wayne County will benefit from his appointment.

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