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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Threatening Your Family Court Judge

Judge Kathy Viviano
Our lawyers appear in front of Macomb County Family Court Judge Kathy Viviano on a regular basis. Her father was a long-serving family court judge from Macomb; her brother sits on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Earlier this summer, a father with a custody case before Judge Viviano began emailing threats to court staffers that he was going to blow-up her car with a pressure cooker bomb. The 55-year old man, Keith Rebar, also made threats to shoot the judge if things did not go his way in the child custody proceedings.

Rebar's threats came to light a few weeks ago when they were renewed and, ultimately reported to the sheriff.  Atta boy Keith; now your children will get to read about their loose cannon father and may even be deprived of your company while you pay your debt to society for your threats.

Over the years, we have had our share of litigants, both clients and opponents alike, who have taken a dim view of the family court system. These folks talk a lot about taking matters into their own hands when they feel helpless within the system.

Often, such folks have visceral disagreements with the family court professionals assigned to their case. These people feel that no one can decide matters, or can make parental decisions, better than they can.

When they see their case taking a few turns in a direction they do not support, they tend to overreact. In the case of Judge Viviano, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith took Rebar's threats seriously, charging him with making a false report or threat of terrorism; a 20-year felony.

Because family court judges make decisions that hit so close to home, they are faced with situations on a daily basis where one party in every case views the judge's decision as a vital threat to the very existence of their family.

A trip through family court is a rough road for the hot head. Good legal counsel is the best bet to keep things moving in the right direction.

Making threats to the family court professionals is never a good move. It amazes us here at the Law Blogger how often that occurs.

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Blogger Janelle Winters said...

This is a good reminder for people that no matter how disagreeable you find whatever is going on in court, it is no excuse to act rashly. It's also a good reminder of the fact that threatening people can result in legal action. I, as well, am amazed that so many people throw common sense out the window and recourse to such behavior. Divorce and custody rulings can be extremely difficult for almost everyone involved to handle, but that's no justification for acting this way.

November 11, 2015 at 5:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is Keith Rebar. Actually, I never made threats. My court appointed attorney did not want to challenge the constitutionality of a misdemeanor charge I was charged with. He also did not like that I was challenging the corruption of the Circuit Court. He made up the charges. I offered to take a lie-detector test but the Sheriff refused. The Sheriff had me followed the first two weeks of incarceration. I informed all of the undercover sheriff deputies that I never made the charge and was falsely accused. At the time, I did not know who my accuser was. My lawyer did not tell me until six months of jail who my accuser was. The news agencies were all informed that my charges were false, but no reporters came to talk to me.

I am a victim of the corrupt courts, prosecutors, and police.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless You,

May 14, 2017 at 2:14 AM 

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