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Friday, October 17, 2014

Former Clerk Challenges Judge in Novi's Non-Partisan Election

It has happened before in places throughout Michigan, no doubt.  An election that pits the legal mentor, in this case Novi's district court judge, Brian MacKenzie, against his former law clerk, attorney Travis Reeds.

It's getting kinda dirty and uncomfortable over there right now.  That's usually the case with hotly contested races of any kind  -this non-partisan one is no exception.

Meanwhile, down the hall, the selection process continues for a replacement to fill the recently vacated seat of now-retired Judge Dennis Powers.  The Governor's list on that seat is long folks, very long.

The general election is on Tuesday, November 4th.  Be sure to examine the non-partisan portion of your ballot; you will find a full-slate of judicial candidates for all the courts in Michigan, including your local district court judge.

We here at the Law Blogger anxiously await the results for each of these Novi judgeships.

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