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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Novi's Judge Dennis Powers Retires

This is not a resignation, he says.  Judge Dennis Powers, having served on the district court bench in Novi for the past 16-years, told Michigan Lawyers Weekly that he submitted a letter of retirement, not resignation.

Today is the first day Judge Powers' courtroom sits empty following his sudden change in plans.

The embattled judge was facing a trial this month at the Judicial Tenure Commission over allegations of improper expense reports, a "ghost docket", threatening a "whistle blower" staff member, and other judicial improprieties.  Up until 2-weeks ago, it looked like Judge Powers, 72-years old and thus ineligible by age to run for another election under state law, was determined to fight the charges to the bitter end.  Judge Powers' lawyers at the Vandeveer Garza law firm were gearing-up; now they have withdrawn from the matter.

Not to condone judicial impropriety [these allegations will never carry the weight of a judicial conviction in light of the Judge's sudden retirement], but we here at the Law Blogger will hate to see Judge Powers go.  He was always a gracious and reasonable jurist in our experience.  Personally, I had one of my biggest felony cases begin in the Novi District Court, and Judge Powers handled it very well; for that I will always be grateful.

That said, however, this is truly a bad end to an otherwise outstanding judicial tenure.  When judges are accused of impropriety -something that has been rampant out in Novi- the effect is that the foundation of the justice system erodes and the community loses faith in the concept of achieving justice as a civic goal in our free society.  This is not a good result in a free society governed by laws that are ruled upon by a judiciary elected from the community.

The next step out in Novi is for Governor Rick Snyder to appoint a lawyer to finish-out the remaining two years of Judge Powers' term.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

JAIL - This man deserves jail like any murderer would. He murdered the trust of residents. Dig into his handling of cases and you'll find a whole lot more

December 19, 2014 at 8:27 PM 
Blogger Timothy P. Flynn said...

We completely disagree with your comparison of retired Judge Powers to a murderer. Nor do we think he deserves jail. Your comment also implies that you have more to tell, but elected not to do so. We are not aware of anyone "digging into" his files right now as his Judicial Tenure case is closed.

December 21, 2014 at 7:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stood before judge powers on retail fraud charges with no prior criminal record. I had no money so Powers sent me to jail. I begged him to give me time to get money and I was shaking uncontrollably worried about my daughter and he sat coldly watching me and stuck to his decision. I was broke and I stole out of desperation and hopelessness. He stole out of sheer greed and feelings of entitlement. That criminal hypocrite knew he was stealing a far larger amount than I ever have against the taxpayers. He showed me no mercy. I would like to see him burn in he'll.

March 2, 2015 at 11:21 AM 

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