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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland Contemplates Divorce

Sometimes, here in America, we hear this talk relative to Texas; that Texas is going to secede from the Union.  Personally, I never worry that it will actually happen; that we will have a separate country between us and Mexico.

And we all know that California is a different country, if only in spirit.

Well the United Kingdom is the subject of an important vote today; the polls are open as this blog post is being composed.  Scotland is voting on whether to remain a member of the United Kingdom; or whether to strike out on its own.

Some Scots worry about the currency; the pound.  Others fret about membership in the European Union.  Even the Union Jack may become a thing of the past.

Scotland has been an integral part of the United Kingdom for the past 300-years.  This type of change always has folks on edge.

We here at the Law Blogger must admit, this type of sea-change vote is unnerving.  If you take away Scotland and Wales, is there really anything left of merry ole England except London?

We'll all know the outcome soon enough.


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