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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oakland County Judge Shuffle Update

Honorable Edward Sosnick
Since we last addressed this topic, some things have changed.  Although former 51st District Court Judge Phyllis McMillen is now installed at 1200 N. Telegraph, she was assigned to a general docket courtroom (civil matters and criminal felonies) rather than the Family Court Division, as we previously reported.

Also, Oakland County Family Court Judge James Alexander did not take over departed Judge Mark Goldsmith's docket but rather, is scheduled to "swap dockets" with long-time Oakland County Circuit Judge Edward Sosnick.

The last time Judge Sosnick handled a divorce was prior to the statutory creation of the Family Court back in 1998.  As a seasoned jurist, however, he will acclimate quickly to the divorce docket as he rides-out his last two years on the bench.

Finally, long-time Oakland Family Court and Probate Judge Eugene Moore is retiring from the bench at the end of the year.  His replacement will be determined via the November 2 election between candidates Kathleen Ryan and Dana Hathaway.

If you lose track of your newly assigned judge, reassignments can be tracked by using the Oakland County Circuit Court's Court Explorer.

Be sure to vote on November 2, and don't forget to make your selection for judge on the non-partisan ballot!

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