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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Oral Argument at the Michigan Supreme Court

On Wednesday, I had an unusual professional experience: oral argument before the Michigan Supreme Court; a first in my 28-years of practice. The case, People v Robertson, was a simple one involving the "search and seizure" clause of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Seven justices sit on our state's High Court. So when you appear before the Court, any one of those 7 justices can and do interrupt your argument to pose questions; questions to which you better have a good answer.

In nearly three decades of practicing law, both at a large Detroit law firm, and now a small firm in Clarkston, I have presented over 100 oral arguments to the Michigan Court of Appeals. When you appear at the Michigan Court of Appeals, you face a 3-judge panel.

Back at the turn of the Century the 280,000 square foot Michigan Hall of Justice was built using 14,000 limestone panels. The post-modern edifice, designed by Albert Khan Associates, houses both the Michigan Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, judicial offices and chambers, and some very impressive administrative offices.

It was a great experience to appear before our High Court. We now have to await the opinion [could be a month or two] to see whether our client prevailed, or whether the the Oakland County Prosecutor was successful in overturning Oakland County Circuit Judge Martha Anderson's decision to exclude damaging evidence in this drug possession and delivery case.

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