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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spice Kills

Waterford Judge Jodi Debbrecht
This is a guest blog post from 51st District Judge Jodi Debbrecht in Waterford, MI. 

Dickie Sanders was a relatively normal teenager – interested in BMX bikes, student, goals, dreams. However, Dickie died from using bath salts.

While at home he had a psychotic episode as a result of using bath salts and was “seeing” fire engines and police cars in multitude arrive at his home.  He was screaming to his father who was in the kitchen of their home with Dickie.

Suddenly, as Dickie was counting cars, he reached down and grabbed a butcher knife and slit his throat open.

Dickie’s parents are both doctors; doctors who knew nothing about Spice, K2 or bath salts. They rushed him to the hospital after triaging him themselves where he was treated and sent home for care.

Less than 24 hours later, while in his bedroom, Dickie suffered another psychotic episode as a result of using bath salts and killed himself.

Many, many more stories just like this one abound.  And many, many stories similar to this one have occurred in our local communities.

Every day in my courtroom, young adults are admitting to using spice/K2, bath salts or other synthetic substances. No matter what you call them, they are killing our youth and the parents who appear to support their children are left with no answers, just left to wonder, what is this stuff?

Spice/K2, bath salts are essentially materials that are infused with chemical compounds that cause hallucinations, erratic behavior, disorientation, nausea, and even death. The symptoms are not limited to these noted here. Spice/K2 and bath salts (or similar substances) are technically illegal in Michigan.  However, they continue to be sold because as soon as the legislature identifies a chemical compound as a controlled substance thereby making it illegal, the individuals making the chemical change the compound.

The new compound is not listed as one that is illegal because it no longer fits the definition as defined in the statute for an illegal substance. Furthermore, Spice/K2 and bath salt use is on the rise because it becomes increasingly difficult to test for, is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible.

An immediate and viable way to stop the use of this new drug is to get people to stop selling it. In order to get people to stop selling it, we must raise awareness of the critical nature of this issue. Together we can stop the use and sale of this insidious substance.

Only together can we win the war against synthetic drugs – or any drugs. Informational meetings are being held throughout your community to provide you with information about this toxic substance.

Get the answers. Get the facts. Get armed to save our youth. Saying I didn’t know will not bring our young adults back from potentially irreparable damage, even death.

For more information, please see the links contained on my website:

Thanks Judge Jodi for putting the spotlight on this issue that has cropped-up among our children and their friends.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Flynn for posting this, and thank you to Judge Jodi Debbrecht for being such a staunch advocate and working so diligently to protect our youth!

Judge Debbrecht has done the township immeasurable good since she has taken the bench. We are so lucky to have her here in Waterford, and we are proud to support her as well. She has reinvigorated the community. Debbrecht has the credentials and above all, the ethics to be out Waterford judge.

April 10, 2012 at 9:13 AM 

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