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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Media Presentations for Lawyers Are In Demand

With Lynn Krauss, President
Midland County Bar Association
Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to address various bar organizations and industry groups on the topics of marketing and legal issues emerging within the social media context.  Lately, my bookings for such presentations have increased.

Lawyers now want to know how to market their wares electronically, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Yesterday, I presented to the Midland County Bar Association.  They hold their monthly meetings in the spacious, and just-built, clubhouse at the Midland Country Club.

As bar association meetings go, it was a well-attended event.  The MCBA's Treasurer, Eric Larsen, attributed this to the topic he arranged: social medial marketing for lawyers.  Of the nearly 40 attendees, there was an even mix of general practitioners and Dow corporate attorneys.

The discussion focused on how to stay abreast of the constant wave of information; how to manage that information; and how to disseminate select portions of that information for a lawyer's prospects.  Hyper-local marketing was explained.  Tips were imparted on how to rise above the ever-present clutter that always seems to accompany search engine results.

The message in Midland was consistent with my other presentations: to get noticed on the Internet [i.e. Google, Yahoo, YouTube], lawyers marketing on the web need to frequently post relevant content that your target audience will find useful.

Now doing that, while managing a law firm, and actually practicing law, that is the challenge for the modern general practitioner.  More and more, lawyers and catching on to the social media wave.  For many, the good ole "yellow pages" ad is a distant memory.

Upcoming presentations on these topics will include a webinar sponsored by Thompson-West on Thursday, 02/23/2012, at 11:00 am EST.  Also, I will be on a panel of other practicing attorneys at the "Avvocating 2012" seminar in Seattle, WA in May.

Stay tuned as this is an ever-evolving topic.

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