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The Law Blogger is a law-related blog that informs and discusses current matters of legal interest to readers of The Oakland Press and to consumers of legal services in the community. We hope readers will  find it entertaining but also informative. The Law Blogger does not, however, impart legal advice, as only attorneys are licensed to provide legal counsel.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

200 Posts in Two Years

Thanks to our readers, this blog has over 62,000 page views in the nearly two years of its existence.  Since March 2, 2010, we have posted 200 times on legal topics of interest to readers of the Oakland Press' e-paper.

There are literally millions of blogs now on the Internet.  Of these, hundreds of thousands are devoted to legal topics.  The competition for 15-seconds of a reader's attention is keen these days.

We will continue to scour the web, fine-tuning our news feeds for interesting and useful legal information for your regular consumption.

When walking the halls of the various courts in Southeast Michigan, colleagues and judges occasionally mention one of our posts.  Grateful to claim a professional readership component among our followers, we will do our best to post relevant legal content on an ever more consistent basis.

Our view is that as the 21st Century begins to take full root, information, especially legal information, will flow at an ever faster pace.  Legal information is available to the people; it is how that information is managed that counts.

Thank you readers; check back soon.

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