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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oakland County Circuit Court Appoints Ombudsman

For the first time in its long history, the Oakland County Circuit Court has appointed an Attorney Ombudsman to serve as a liaison between the county's bench and the bar.  Southfield Attorney Joel Serlin has the distinction of being the first Ombudsman to the Oakland Circuit beginning December 1, 2011.

In announcing the appointment, Chief Judge Nanci Grant said:
Our bench is excited to participate in the inaugural ombudsman program.  We embrace the program, and the opportunity presented, as an illustration of the importance attached to the transparency and accountability of the bench and bar - to each other, of course, but more importantly to the administration of justice in Oakland County.
The role of this ombudsman will be to address the administrative and case management issues raised by the Oakland County bar.  The OCBA proposed the notion of appointing an ombudsman over a year ago. When the proposal was formally presented to the Oakland judges, it received overwhelming support.

The purpose underpinning the program will be to provide a discreet forum for attorneys practicing before the Oakland bench to address matters for which there is no other avenue in which to seek redress of their various concerns.  The ombudsman is independent of the judiciary and maintains confidentiality relative to the requests  made to his office.

This development is just another example of how practicing law in Oakland County is a distinct professional pleasure.  We welcome this development; kudos to the OCBA and all the Oakland County Circuit Judges.

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