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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boozy Bears & MIPs

As Halloween approaches, here's an adult trick that's been going around; add a pint of vodka to some gummy bears and, viola; you have a batch of Boozy Bears.

The problem arises, however, when teens get their hands on the alcohol soaked candy.  Now, any gummy-munching teen will come under suspicion for being a minor in possession [of alcohol].

There are legitimate web sites for adults, that instruct party-goers how to make a batch of the Boozy Bears.  Effortlessly; just add Stoli.

These sites have had millions of hits on the Internet.  Things that are harmful to teenagers are all over the web.  Fortunately, several news stations recently splashed Boozy Bear warning segments across their evening newscasts.

So, be on the lookout...

Teenagers charged with an MIP have options.  Contact a local attorney if you are your family member has been charged.  And in the meantime, stay away from the Boozy Bears.

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