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Friday, September 16, 2011

Large Man Suing White Castle Over Booth Size

Satisfying my (very) occasional cravings for White Castle sliders, I've never stepped foot into the tiny fast food chain's shoe box stores; I always blow through the drive-through window instead.  I cannot imagine the size of their booths as anything but cramped.

A New York man weighing nearly 300 pounds has filed a lawsuit against the Colombus, Ohio based company in federal court alleging violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Hungry, humiliated and hurting when he slammed his knee into the metal pole beneath the, er, table, this Plaintiff is now seeking unspecified money damages.

In-house counsel ought to have a good time with this litigation.  A spokesman for the company said the store in Nanuet, NY is being replaced by one with larger booths.  In tort litigation such as this, corrective action is not held against the company.

Last night, Jay Leno suggested the man ought to protest the fast-food chain by going on a hunger strike; then perhaps he would fit into a White Castle booth.

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