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Friday, June 17, 2016

Big Law Firm Opens Cannabis Practice

For the past 85-years, Dykema Gossett, one of Michigan's largest law firms, has developed a corporate and commercial transactional clientele. The firm's website touts serving clients in the automotive, energy, hospitality, gaming and financial sectors. 

Just over a month ago, Dykema announced the formation of its Cannabis Law Group. To form the group, the firm pulled together its lawyers with marijuana-related projects in the intellectual property, land use, zoning, tax and employment law sections.

Dykema's cannabis law group also sports its own blog on the firm's website. The posts are relevant and informative in this new and constantly changing area of the law.

While you would not necessarily pair one of Michigan's largest law firms with the marijuana industry, Dykema, in fact, has been in on the ground floor. The firm served as legal counsel to the lobbyist group that drafted our medical marijuana law back in 2008.

The firm's blog noted the failure of the "MI Legalize" effort to get on the 2016 ballot on the sole basis of deficient signatures; about 100,000 short.

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