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Friday, March 11, 2016

Madonna's International Custody Battle

Shying away from items of pop-culture, this case nevertheless caught our attention over here at the Law Blogger. Rochester Hills native and pop superstar Madonna is embroiled in a protracted custody battle over her 15-year old son Rocco with her ex-husband, the British director Guy Ritchie.

Apparently, while on the Rebel Heart tour with her mother in Europe last December, Rocco decided to stay with his father in London. Anguished, but not one to take adversity sitting down, the material girl filed a hasty application in the Hague, a tribunal which deals with kidnapped children; the application has since been withdrawn.

Currently, there are proceedings ongoing in both London and New York to decide the fate of the famous teenager. When his parents quietly divorced back in 2008, the couple had joint custody.

Due to the fame of Rocco's parents, both parties have requested that the details of their dispute be kept to the courtroom.

Regardless how wealthy or famous the parents, custody battles cut deeply into the child's world.

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