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Friday, February 13, 2015

T. David Law Appointed to Novi District Court

Judge T. David Law
Time heals all wounds. This time last year, the district court bench out in Novi was in complete disarray. Judge MacKenzie was being sued by the Oakland County Prosecutor and the feds were sniffing around, while down the hall, Judge Powers had his troubles with the Judicial Tenure Commission.

Now, an election has taken care of Judge MacKenzie, and Judge Powers resigned on the eve of his judicial tenure trial.  New judges are on the bench in Novi these days.

Judge Travis Reeds took the bench in January following his election victory over Judge MacKenzie. And although the list was very long with judicial hopefuls, Governor Snyder finally selected T. David Law, a First Assistant Attorney General, over many other well-qualified candidates.

Newly-appointed Judge Law will finish out the balance of now-retired Judge Powers' term and run for election in November 2016. With a name like Law, we think he'll have a great chance to get elected in Novi.

This is a very good development as the Novi District Court is a busy place. That court handles some of Oakland County's prime real estate.

So we here at the Law Blogger are glad that the dust has finally settled over there. In fact, one of our lawyers is scheduled for trial in Novi next week.

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