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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lawyer Not a Popular Profession in On-Line Dating Services

Over the past-half decade, lawyers have taken a beating professionally so it stands to reason that they also have suffered collateral effects on the social front.  The former is borne out in verifiable statistics [i.e. a historic low law school application rate] while the latter is apparently a matter of conjecture.

When it comes to one's profession, there may not be any better barometer of desirability than the on-line dating service.  According to Inside Counsel Magazine, lawyers are among the least desirable on-line dates.

This notion caught our attention when perusing our daily newsfeed, and we thought -what the heck- sounds interesting; another form of social lawyer-bashing.  But when you check out the story, the so-called "survey" is linked to a site called Special Counsel and no link to the survey is visible anywhere on the site or their blog.

Full disclosure: with one exception, the lawyers in our law firm are married and, presumably, not uploading profiles to dating sites.  Yet, the premise that lawyers are not the most desirable dates does makes some intuitive sense to us, lodged as we are in the profession.

The legal profession trains litigators that pay attention to all the details; to advance a specific agenda competitively; to present evidence in accord with a complicated set of rules; to present said evidence in a logical simplified fashion; and, to always have confidence in what you're saying; always.  Who seeks out that persona in a dating partner?

One trait that we have observed in many a lawyer: they just cannot turn it off, ever.  And if they are not talking about the law, they are talking about themselves, which is the functional equivalent to talking about the law.

If you are single, sitting in a nice restaurant across from a lawyer, and that lawyer is going on and on about his or her profession, serving-up anecdote after anecdote, dropping names you've never heard of, while taking calls on his cell... Well, waiter, check please.

So what are the more desirable professions to those seeking dates in cyberspace?  Doctors, of course, top the list.  Surfing the Internet for such lists -yes, there're out there- you will find engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs all consistently make the top-ten, but no lawyers.

Oh well.  We here at the Law Blogger are neither shocked nor offended.  In many cases, lawyers need to get over themselves.

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