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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

300th Blog Post - Thank You Readers

We here at the Law Blogger [the attorneys of Clarkston Legal, also known as Karlstrom Cooney] would like to thank our loyal readers and those that follow this blog.

This is our 300th post.  Three hundred: a perfect game in bowling; an excellent batting average in the bigs; the length of Noah's Arc, in cubits, and one of this blogger's favorite movies.

We started this blog with our first post back on March 30, 2009, on the topic of a lesbian couple litigating their right to adopt a child here in Michigan.

In the four years that we've been up and running with the Oakland Press, there have been almost 160,000 page views and we've received 438 published comments.  Minor league stats in the overall blogosphere, but hopefully relevant to our local readers.

In these years we have attempted to post interesting law-related information that our readers find useful and informative.  Some of the more important topics we've covered in our posts include:
  • cell phone use and texting while driving, especially where teenagers are concerned;
  • the "Superdrunk" driving law;
  • same-sex marriage cases from their initial filings through the recent oral arguments at SCOTUS;
  • privacy laws in the Big Data era;
  • Second Amendment cases at SCOTUS;
  • Obamacare at SCOTUS and now that the new laws are scheduled to take effect in the workplace;
  • divorce and family law developments, especially child custody matters;
  • the juvenile lifer laws recently decided by SCOTUS;
  • significant developments in the criminal law; and
  • occasionally, high-profile cases and local personalities that have intersected with the legal system or criminal justice system.
Before we begin work on our next 300 posts, we would like to also thank the Oakland Press and its editorial staff for their support and encouragement over the years.

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