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Monday, December 17, 2012

Michigan's Concealed Handgun Bill Vetoed

State Senator Mike Green (R-Mayville) must love guns.  He has sponsored yet another set of sweeping expansions to Michigan's concealed handgun laws.  If Green's bill was signed by Governor Snyder, concealed weapons would have been allowed in some places where they were never legal before; like schools, churches, and large entertainment venues.

Senator Green is also the sponsor of the gun reforms of 2001, making weapons permits generally easier to procure for adults.  The Second Amendment is alive and well here in Michigan.

The bill would have abolish the county gun boards, in place since 1927, to streamline the application process.  County sheriffs would have reviewed and would have the sole authority to approve all applications.  Interestingly, the bill places a premium on issuing the permit to a qualified applicant quickly, mandating a partial application fee refund if not processed in accord with a specific time frame.

While the university would have remained a "gun-free zone", churches and other schools would not; nor do large  entertainment facilities.  I don't know about you, but I would not want to be at Ford Field or the Big House, when some drunk folks take out their weapons to settle a score.

In touting his pet legislation, Senator Green emphasized that that Michigan will now have the strongest training standards in the nation.  Well, those of us over here at the Law Blogger will certainly sleep better at night knowing that our neighbors that have applied for concealed pistol licenses are well-trained in their use and deployment.

Also, we wonder about the correlation between the training in the use of handguns and the method of use.  In other words, does better training reduce the criminal use of the weapon?  We think not.

The Second Amendment is alive and well in our country; perhaps as it should be.  But folks, Governor Snyder surely got this one right.  Frankly, the county sheriff and the county gun board both need their collective eyes on all applicants for concealed weapons permits.

Also, concealed license holders should have their identity made public in a central registry.  We'd like to know who among us is packing heat.  It's getting to a point where you just have to assume that everyone does.

On the other hand, we are mindful of weapons proponents that assert that the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut may have been prevented if the principal or one of the teachers were armed.

Now there's a swell concept: armed teachers.

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