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Friday, June 24, 2011

Senate Proposes Statewide Registry for Medical Marijuana Patients & Caregivers

Earlier this week, a bill was submitted to the plenary Michigan Senate by the Judiciary Committee that would require a state-wide registry for medical marijuana patients and care providers.  Senator Rick Jones, a sponsor of the proposed legislation and chairman of the judiciary committee said the registry would be a "critical tool" for law enforcement.

 The mechanics of the proposed law would require the DCH to submit a registrant's name and address to the state police within 48-hours of issuing the marijuana registration card.  The police would then be able to call-up the data, for example, during routine traffic stops.

Of course, the compassion care industry is up in arms, viewing the bill as a significant affront to a registrant's privacy.  An earlier version of the bill called for the submission of a wider scope of personal information about a registrant.

Oddly, the ACLU has come around on this bill, opposing the earlier version as overly intrusive, but conceding that a state-wide registry could prevent potentially dangerous raids where lots of feathers get ruffled.  Still, the ACLU's official position is that the bill, even as amended, needs a separate "probable cause" requirement prior accessing the database.  Unworkable, in our humble opinion.

Senator Jones' committee was busy this week, also introducing another medical marijuana related bill; this one to stop those pesky lawsuits filed by high profile lawyers against municipalities over their pot ordinances.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has never been justification in my mind for a majority of the No Knock violent raids by Swat that have evolved from the sad practise of treating drug use within the parameters of a " war " .

Any list should not disclose personal medical information . Patients need more protections with or without this for proper continuation of care while incarcerated . Very few in the public are aware there are only about 4 classes of pain medications and most jails will not dispense opiods or other dependant medications even when they have been part of a patients normal medical routine for decades . Just being subject to arrest whether innocent or guilty has dire consequences that have caused suicide and or violent reactions from terror in patients .

Using law to enforce moral positions on drug use has created a industry out of control on both sides of the law and anything but protection , saftey and comfort for suffering patients . It has become a huge drag on our economy as well as a barrier for patients to obtain what they need or victims of the dangers of drug use to obtain help . Doctors and patients often live in fear of discrimination or unjust penalty . This medical issue should of never become one that involved law enforcement . Just as medical issues should never have been corrupted with the concept of managed care being more important then patient education of alternatives and choice .

Is there anyone who doesn't have a money angle on cannabis which prohibtion created anymore ? Before Nixon escalated the drug war and it was moved to schedule 1 39 years ago it was a very innexpensive commodity usually given freely among friends if used recreationally . Though many who had chronic conditions or disease realized there was a side effect of medicinal benefit that had been forgotten but was recorded for many centuries prior to the 1930's .

September 4, 2011 at 3:47 PM 

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