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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Run King Faces Federal Perjury Charges in San Fransisco

Barry Bonds
Associated Press
Barry Bonds, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Fransisco Giants, is the defendant in a federal perjury case that began today; the case was charged back in 2007.

Bonds holds several major league baseball records, including most home runs in a career (762), and in a single season (73).  He is the son of former all-star Bobby Bonds.  Son Barry has been named league MVP more than any other player, taking that award 4 straight years at the height of his career.

Unfortunately, he ended his career under the cloud of the federal indictment that is now unfolding in a San Fransisco trial.  The charges allege Bonds testified falsely to a federal grand jury on the subject of his use and sources of steroids.

Earlier, Bonds had been offered immunity in exchange for truthful testimony.  Bonds insisted he was unsure of what the substance(s) were, claiming he was "juicing" with flaxseed oil and arthritis cream for all he knew.

It's in the hands of the attorneys and jurors now.  On the first day of trial, however, Bonds received a bit of good news when his former trainer, Greg Anderson, chose a holding cell over live trial testimony.

This does not have the makings of a quick trial. 

Not the best lead into Opening Day.  Let's just hope its all done by the playoffs.

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